Tuesday, September 7, 2010

IT Dream

Hello / Salam / Peace

Soft Revolution ... Self Reliance ... Earing Online in Religious schools ... Role of IT in Religious Schools .

I want to share my dreams and ambitions with you.
I am a simple Pakistani Muslim , Engineer , doing job in Islamabad.
Being a sensitive and patriot person i want to do something for Islam and Muslims.
I think about it every day ...
But day dreaming is useless unless one takes active step towards the goal or target.
A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.
So here i am sharing my idea with the world...

Have you ever visited any Mosque ?
Sure you must have ... but what about Madrissa? (religious school)
I am sure most of you had , when you were kids ... going to Madrissa adjacent to Mosque for reading Holy Quran....
But i am talking about another kind of Madrissa
The one where student live and study to get religious education ... it spans over almost 14 years of education!!!
There students are taught up to matriculation ... same standard as any other normal school.
And they continue to get religious education during and thereafter ...
Now there is no permanent source of income for most of these Madrassas
They completely rely of Zakat or Charity money etc.
I want to establish IT schools leading to Software houses in these Madrassas for selective students.
There will be a selection criteria for students and after the desired cream is filtered they will be taught Programming , and other IT skills from very beginning age ...
Now i am sure and i believe in it that after few months of education they will be able to compete with professional programmers and IT workers.
The environment of these Madrassas is very pious and clean
So the students can save them a lot of time by not indulging in time wasting activities on internet and computers...
After a year or two when they can start earning ONLINE they Madrassa will no longer need Charity ...
Also with the addition of people in Madrassas there will come a major gradual improvement in the thinking of typical stereotypes of such institutions ....

We could ask skillful people from different fields to voluntarily give lectures to those students in their spare time ...

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